As a freelancer, I have been helping out businesses and students from time to time. If you want my help or want to hire me for any personal/professional help feel free to contact me. Let’s connect & get your problem sorted out!


Sponsorships / Ads


Organizations working in the field of cybersecurity or technology can contact me regarding sponsorships and ads. If you want to advertise your products on my blog space on my website or on medium, you can contact me via email for further confirmation.


Students have a lot of problems when they are trying to enter the field of CyberSec. Cyber Security is one of those fields where proper guidance can save your precious time, which can sometimes be days, months or even years. This is one of those fields where you need to have proper guidance about how to do things and also how to carry out these hacks in an ethical manner.

I will guide you through that and help you with understanding the world of cybersecurity with ease and access to amazing tutorials that will make your whole learning experience truly amazing.



You might be a small company trying to open up your online business and are looking to test the security levels of your website or you have just published your new website and there are security checks in place. Your website might be loading really slow and you have no idea what to do about it? If you are experiencing any of these problems you know how irritating it can get overtime.

I can help you out in these tricky situations and navigate you to make your website and business perform better collectively.