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How I got a 149$ T.V. subscription for 0.01$?

It’s the time of IPL and as big I fan I am of CSK, I was crazy desperate to watch their match. I could definitely watch those online free streams, but most of them either don’t provide good quality stream or they lag more than 5–6 minutes than the live game, both of which I can’t bear with. So in the time of need, my hacking skills came to my protection.

I started searching for online tv subscriptions that provided live stream but without any time lag with the live match. I found out many websites but all of them were paid. A broke college student I definitely lacked money, so I needed a way to get the subscription without paying a cent ( well, I was wrong I did pay a cent ).

Starting the hack!

I opened, it provided me with live match feed but it asked me to pay 149$ for a yearly subscription, which wasn’t possible for me. So I opened up Burp Suite and turned the intercept on, to see exactly how I could manipulate the transaction amount so that I could pay nothing and get the subscription as well.

So, the first packet I intercepted contained the coupon, and plan that has been selected. I forwarded the packet and the next packet contained the subscription price.

For beginner’s I tried changing the price from ‘149.99’ to ‘0’, but the packet got rejected and due to the a3, p3 and t3 parameters were wrong. I searched for it and got to know that the number of decimal places couldn’t be changed i.e. it was 2 decimals in this case and neither can be it changed to ‘0.00’ so the least amount possible was ‘0.01’. It looked something like this.

I forwarded the manipulated packet and then turned off the intercept. The page forwarded to the payments page and voila!

The payment got changed to 0.01$ for the whole yearly plan. I went ahead with the payment process and it didn’t stop me till the very end process.

So, that’s how I figured out a way to watch IPL for a meagre 0.01$ and I am not even counting the other channels that were also the part of the whole package.

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