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How I cracked CEH, CHFI & ESCA certifications within 20 days?

A lot of people have been asking me recently how I managed to crack these examinations back to back in such a short span of time, because of so many requests I planned to write this article.

So let’s start at the beginning, it was 2015 I had just come home after completing a 2-day course on Ethical Hacking and I wanted to seriously steer my career in the field of CyberSec. It was then, that I decided I need to get the certifications done as soon as possible, cause in India people value certifications way more than the skill and so that’s how it started. And no, it didn’t happen over-night.

Let’s dive in!

The first thing that I need to make clear is giving an exam and having the knowledge of the field is not the same. I have seen exceptional people who have amazing skills in CyberSec failing when it comes to passing these exams. So, you need to prepare accordingly and keep that in mind. If you are one of those who get nervous about exams as I do, then take your time and specifically prepare for these exams if needed take a few days off before sitting for the exam.

So, now that we have that cleared that let’s get into the real stuff how to actually prepare for the exams.

1. Cybrary

This is the best advice I can give to you regarding the preparation for these exams. Cybrary has the best collection of videos you can get your hands on for the preparation for these exams. They have a well-formatted course structure with video tutorials, it is really helpful for those who can’t sit and read thick books.

2. Pastebin

This is the second-best collection of video tutorials that I could find for the preparation for these exams as they have amazing videos that can prove to be really helpful to overall develop your ethical hacking skills. It provides you with a good base for the theoretical knowledge as well which is also important for the examinations.

3. Training Centre

The training centre where you will be preparing for the examination is also extremely helpful as they will be your go-to people for the examination and to clear your doubts. Try to utilise that to your advantage as much as possible, cause they have been helping students pass their exams day after day. They also have an idea of the kind of questions that you might get in the exams.

4. Skillset

One of the best ways to practise for these exams is via skillset. They have a huge set of practice question that can get you ready for these examinations and give you an idea of how the exam will be like. They have specialised course materials that focus on each of these exams and prepare you accordingly. They guarantee you money back if you don’t pass the exam if you have a 100% score on their website. So, as you can see it’s a great deal for you and the practice for one set of examination can help you with various others as well.

5. Aoowe ( Not recommended )

Some of you still not be quite sure if you are ready to sit for the examinations. For those of you out there who need near about 100% surety, you can visit aoowe website and go through their set of questions. They have an amazing collection of questions and nearly 50% — 60% of the questions will be from here if you go through all of them, which isn’t much. There are 2–3 other website like these as well if you go through them all nearly 100% questions will be repeated in the exam.

I don’t really recommend it but cause the exams are really costly and not all of us can afford to give it over and over again, this can be a dirty trick you can use to crack these exams.

Crack the code!

If you follow the above advice, I promise you that you can very easily ace these exams without breaking a sweat. These exams are a way to judge your ability in the area of cyber sec and the questions they have are a good way to test that. Definitely a theoretical test is not one of the best ways to do that but still it’s a standard that is recognised by many and is effective to an extent.

With the right level of preparation and a little bit of luck you can definitely pass these exams with ease. I wish you all the best of luck for those who are preparing for the exams or are planning to give it.

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